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Sales Ready

I have spent my career as a chartered accountant helping businesses across the recruitment, staffing and labour hire industries overcome hardship and re-establish themselves as the prospering and profitable businesses that they should be.

The Sales Ready program incorporates the culmination of my experience into a system designed to put effective systems, strategies and processes in place that will help to maximise all possible value in your business. With my help, I can untangle the underlying problems and put your business into a position of strength.

Growth Advisory

‘Sales Ready’ is a tailored program for recruitment, staffing and labour hire businesses

Recruitment and labour hire businesses are often focused on how to extract the most productivity out of their people so they can increase sales and their profit margins. Achieving this takes a lot of work and extensive knowledge of how these types of businesses operate on every level.

Fortunately, I have worked with a number of businesses within this sector. As such, I can help my clients implement value-increasing systems and processes that will enable them to break free of their current stagnation and experience significant growth.

Take Your Business to A New Level

Business Growth Advice

Across my years of helping recruitment, staffing and labour hire businesses, I have found a common thread amongst those who are in need of growth advisory services. My clients have worked hard to build a strong business, but for a variety of reasons, they have become stuck in taking the next step. They want to grow and expand, but struggle to see the right way forward.

Through 888X, I work with these businesses to make impactful decisions that will move their business forward. Often, these businesses have strong opportunities in front of them – they just need help to navigate through the clutter to realise them. By taking on my growth advisory services, I will provide efficient solutions to your business’ underlying issues by implementing tailored systems and processes that will help your business reach new heights.

Services in the ‘Sales Ready’ program include:
Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your existing business model, so we can begin to maximise the former while mitigating the latter
Optimising the productivity of recruitment, staffing and labour hire businesses by extracting the most out of the resources on offer
Investing in systems and processes that automate tasks in order to reduce costs and/or increase sales
Redefining your business strategy and setting new goals
Bringing stronger discipline and more efficient processes to your sales cycle that delivers more revenue, more margins, and more profits
Delivering value to shareholders through dividends or realising capital by selling the business
And much more!

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Case Studies

Recruitment Sector Case Study

One of my clients in the recruitment sector faced a number of challenges following the amalgamation of IPs including failing revenue, EBIT and share price. In spite of numerous attempts over a 5-year period to solve these crippling problems, this client continued to perform below target corporate and sector-comparable metrics.

888X was engaged to consolidate this client’s financial position and conduct an internal restructure that would support growth and profitability.

At the completion of my contract, this client’s future was positive, and strategies had been developed to build on their progress.

I was able to provide the following outcomes for this client:

  • Improve their financial position through optimisation of liabilities and expenses
  • Provide significant cost reduction through internal restructure and transformation
  • Implement operational improvement as a result of system harmonisation, successful delivery of IT projects and staffing incentives
  • Successfully consolidate their brands and subsequent brand re-launch with a well-defined offer
  • Create a clear strategy that positions them for future growth
  • Outline and execute a smooth transition for the incoming CFO and COO

Human Resources Sector Case Study

By the end of financial year 2017, a client in the human resource sector had grown through organic and non-organic efforts to become an industry-leading national agency with a strong client base and a high performing consultation team.

However, a lack of strategic direction guiding the organisation, along with under-investment in systems and processes to capitalise on its success and mounting operational costs, had dramatically impacted the company’s profitability and future growth prospects.

888X was engaged by this client in 2018 to undertake a full audit of the company’s financial and operational systems.

This client has seen significant financial growth year on year thanks to the efforts of my growth planning advice.

After conducting the audit, I worked with the client to implement strategic actions to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Consistent margin generation delivering EBIT conversion at best practise
  2. Controlling operational costs whilst delivering on operation platform excellence that delivers scale
  3. Significant improvement in retention rates
  4. Significant improvement in the working capital requirements of group
  5. Investment in system and a complete refresh of all core systems
  6. Executive engagement model completion with new reporting structure and the introduction of CXO and COO roles
  7. Recruitment sale and delivery function redefined, and process implemented to ensure consistent underlying business performance
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If your labour hire or staff recruitment business is in need of expert growth advisory services, reach out to 888X today.

The insights and advice the 888X team provided were invaluable and certainly helped crystallise in our minds the strength and effectiveness of the strategic plan we had previously developed.

Scott HortonManaging Director, Troocoo

888X have worked closely with us through a number of planned and successful acquisitions, assisting us with valuation, negotiation and finalisation giving the executive confidence in the strategic plan and vision for the future.

Nick DalyManaging Director, JobWire IBS

888X worked with us to develop and implement a company-wide growth strategy and Plan-on-a-Page which delivered significant improvements in productivity and profitability.

Andrew McKennaCEO, Denovo Group