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Initially my role at Rubicor was as a consultant to advise on the restructure strategy.  Over time, it became apparent that this role would need to mould into an internal position to ensure that the restructure plan was executed against.

By January 2016, I was appointed into the role of CFO.  As CFO I continued to focus on the restructure strategy with the following major priorities:

Client challenge

Evaluate and enter potential new markets using data-driven decision making:

Uncertainty about the future
of new disruptive markets.
Lack of sufficient data
to make informed predictions.
Inability to analyze multiple business
scenarios built on many variables.

More about problem

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Our solution

Use agent-based modeling and artificial intelligence techniques to analyze data,
evaluate scenarios and find winning strategies:

Conduct a five-step evaluation of the
market and all its key variables.
Collect and process data from a wide
variety of structured and unstructured
data sources.
Draw conclusions based on advanced
models that run hundreds
of thousands of ‘what-if’ simulations.

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All of the actions in each of the work packages were completed prior to the commencement of FY18 with the brand re-launch completed in the first week of July 2017.  In a period of two years, the restructure and transformation of the business was complete, this required significant focus and buy-in across the organisation.  In particular, the finance and shared services team executed against the restructure strategy and embraced significant change over this period.

The General Management team that I worked with also require special mention as each and every one of them understood and embraced the need for change and the tight timetable in which the change was implemented. Their support was pivotal to achieving the objectives of the transformation. The COE participants, as well as each and every staff member in the organisation, also played important roles in positioning the business for growth and profitability.

With the transformation complete, I have handed over responsibilities to team members who will remain with the business for the medium term to deliver against the three-year strategy.  In respect of the CFO responsibilities, I have handed over to the person who I hired as Group Financial Controller. The COO role has been assumed by the resource who was previously General Counsel and a long-term employee of the Group.  To ensure a smooth transition, I have been retained by Rubicor in the capacity of a consultant.