At 888X, we are focussed on solving your profitability and cashflow challenges with an aim to grow your business and make it more resilient and profitable.

We have a proven track record for being able to see through complex challenges and develop a blueprint to deal with these challenges and help you execute initiatives to make more money.

Our values

We are focussed on redefining business management for our clients, guided by our mission to have a transformational impact. We believe honesty and integrity are paramount in the way we conduct our business.
Our consultants are fully committed to you and your business. Our role is to support our clients by identifying, developing and implementing winning decisions.
We are passionate about our clients achieving impactful results with an ongoing aim of succeeding by providing clear, independent truths for your business.

Our experts

Chris White

Executive Director

Multi-disciplined professional global finance and operations leader.

Stuart Craig


Business Restructuring, Growth and Productivity Expert

Russell Shooter


Customer Acquisition & Engagement Specialist

How we can help your business

Chart the road ahead with targeted and
deliverable strategic and operational plans
Develop go-to-market strategies,
marketing strategies, and front-end sales efforts
Implement productivity initiatives
Right size your overhead cost base
Get the right person in the right seat in your business
Correct your internal processes and efficiencies
Research and develop a plan for achieving business growth
While we were being negatively impacted by a range of factors, Stuart from 888X assisted us in quickly developing a structured turnaround plan with a forward picture in mind, implementing various initiatives to effectively achieve the goals under the plan including to manage cashflow and working capital, resolve disputes and stakeholder management and communication.  The outcomes have far exceeded my hopes and expectations.
McManaway Earthmoving logo
James McManaway
Director, McManaway Earthmoving
Stuart and Chris from 888X helped us develop and implement a strategic plan, and a series of practical initiatives to achieve our goals. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending 888X.
Ben Lee
CEO, Gold Coast Cabs
Russell understands the importance of data, analysis and truth in business information and brings much experience in the area of sales pipeline analysis and reporting to the business that we were sorely lacking.
Jamie Smith
CEO at Transmax Pty Ltd