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Experienced growth advisory services for Australian recruitment, staffing and labour hire businesses. Based on over 30 years of experience.

Chris White Consultant

Growth advisory services and business planning for start-ups, established businesses and everything in between.

888x (pronounced ‘Triple 8’) is the culmination of my 30+ years of experience as a business owner and chartered accountant. I specialise in providing financial and corporate advice to Australian businesses of all shapes and sizes, with a particular focus on those operating in the recruitment, staffing and labour hire industries.

Throughout my career, I have gained the skills, knowledge and experience required to aid businesses in a range of areas including start-up advice, growth advisory, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring and more. With several successful businesses of my own, 888X is my platform to share what I have learned by providing business consulting and advisory services. 

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Top-level advisory services for startups within recruitment, staffing and labour hire sectors.

Growth Advisory

Effective systems, strategies and processes to re-discover the dormant value at the heart of your business.

Mergers / Acquisitions

Prepare your business for a fruitful M&A that serves the needs of those on both sides of the transaction.

Corporate Restructuring

Return your business to a state of prosperity and profitability.

What They’re Saying

888X worked closely with me to develop our strategy and to set up a framework to measure performance. Their industry knowledge and expertise is evident in the way they deliver their advice. Their expertise enabled the implementation of a strategy and robust plan that I was comfortable with. Once the plan was agreed, 888X acted as Executive advisors supporting me where I needed the counsel and creating a framework of accountability that supported the growth of the business. I would have no hesitation in recommending 888X.

Amanda WoodfordeWoodforde Group Pty Ltd

Having worked with 888X at a previous employer, I had personally witnessed their ability to deliver transformational growth strategies for an underperforming business with significant cultural challenges.
Following my recent appointment as Managing Director at JobWire IBS, I have found myself working with 888X again – this time to assist the executive to build on the company’s already successful base and reposition us for further growth and increased profitability.
The engagement has proved successful with a number of significant cost savings already made and an aggressive growth strategy developed and in the process of being rolled out. Their comprehensive knowledge of the recruitment industry and extensive experience applying good business practice in innovative ways has been invaluable throughout this process.
888X have also worked closely with us through a number of planned and successful acquisitions, assisting us with valuation, negotiation and finalisation giving the executive confidence in the strategic plan and vision for the future.

Nick DalyManaging Director, JobWire IBS

888X helped me be strategic in my business with a particular emphasis on people strategy to foster growth. As Executive advisors, 888X deliver sage advice with empathy and expertise honed from their deep understanding of the recruiting and staffing sector. 888X are an essential part of my Executive team within my business.

Carlie BarnettRecruit & Consult Pty Ltd
Business Consultant Chris White

I focus my services on recruitment, staffing and labour hire businesses. This is where I have the most experience, and where I can add the most value for my clients.

In understanding the unique structures, systems, challenges and opportunities that are faced by these businesses, I have the capability to provide tailored solutions that will last. 

By engaging with my services, you will be working with someone who has your business’ best interests at heart. Whether your business is needing to break free of financial distress, identify the next steps in order to grow, or is looking to prepare for sale, 888X is here to help. I will work with you to advise, create, and implement the appropriate steps to help you and your business reach the desired goal.

Let me take the stress off your shoulders of discovering what is right for your business. For financial and corporate services that will steer your business in the right direction, give me a call today on 0417 743 525.

I look forward to hearing from you!

I focus my services on recruitment, staffing and labour hire businesses.

Growth advisory services

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